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A journey: trying to find good clay

Был я на копанце - в поисках глины

Today we are going off on a journey: we will look for good pottery clay. Here in Togliatti there is a potter uncle Misha (like in that movie) – he comes from the village Sukhoy Karsun (it’s in Ulyanovsk region). And he works with clay only brought from there. This clay suits for work on […]

How to prepare clay. Clay washing

As a rule, clay that we can find in the field contains some mechanical admixtures: pebbles, sand and etc. And in most cases you need to get rid from admixtures somehow. If it is relatively large impurities you can strain clay wash through a thin metal sieve. But if there are many small grains (e.g. […]

Let’s go for clay

Глина в руках

Clay is such a thing you can find everywhere: in a borrow pit, in the woods, by the country house, near the building area. Usually it is under the layer of sand, and if somebody dig a hole (while building a house, for example), first they see the ground, then sand, and then clay.