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Лепим из глины. Кружевное сердце

The opening of the Olympic games in Sochi became known all over the world; the Ukraine is still raging; America keeps sticking its nose in everybody else’s business… Our war vehicle is by the window and it does not start… It’s high time to sit by a warm radiator and do something for pleasure)). Today […]

Сlay molding. Imprints

Гончарное дело. Отпечатки на глине. Инструменты

Winter came with its magic, drawings on windows and snow-flakes each of which is unique. Mumintrolls go into hibernation at this time, and we will make tools for decorating our clayware today.

A fridge magnet. Part one.

Керамический магнит на холодильник своими руками

At this lesson let’s make something that can bring us some money for our livelihood. Because we will still have to learn for a rather long time… The first thing that comes to my mind is to make souvenirs. And a fridge magnet is the easiest thing to do from clay. Of course besides clay […]

Clay cookies for New Year

Глиняное печенье

So, we have the clay, now it’s time to make something. New Year is at hand, and so today we will make New Year cookies, but not from flour; we will make cookies from clay. Our neighbors Europeans have a wonderful tradition – to decorate the Christmas tree with decorated cookies. Apart from the fact […]