Pottery lessons

notes of a practicing ceramist

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Let’s go for clay

Глина в руках

Clay is such a thing you can find everywhere: in a borrow pit, in the woods, by the country house, near the building area. Usually it is under the layer of sand, and if somebody dig a hole (while building a house, for example), first they see the ground, then sand, and then clay.

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How to make a homemade pottery kiln

Эскиз нашей будущей печки

The main question for a ceramist beginner is not “where to get clay”, as you can find it anywhere and not “how to make a pottery wheel using the washing machine”, as you can mold without the wheel. The main question is “where to fire?” To fire a ceramic article you will need a special […]

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Art lessons: pottery

Уроки гончарного дела

Have you ever seen a craftsman working on a pottery wheel? Have you watched a fantastic performance heart aflutter? And at all costs you wanted to try it: to see how clay raises obediently in your hands and as the result – an unformed ball of clay turns into a vase or a pitcher… We […]

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