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Author 13.11.2013

Store Wonderland

Good afternoon dear subscribers, and those who visited our website accidentally (or on purpose:) Today we will look for a store in which we can sell small pots that we made on our potter’s wheel.

small pots

For whom will these toy vessels be useful? Probably kids would love them, but children’s stores here are quite big and they will be interested to work with a large lot of goods not per item. Besides they will need different documents… It is not a bad option; maybe in the future I will try it.

This time we will do something different. There is another category of buyers who may be interested in our pots – puppet masters. If a puppet has something in its hands, for example a pot or a small bowl, then it will specify this puppet and help to depict a certain plot. For example, Winnie the Pooh with a pot with honey…

So we need a store in which materials for making puppets are for sale.

In Togliatti there is a very cozy place called “Wonderland”. It is on the 2nd floor of the trade center “Mindal”. This shop stocks all kinds of goods for handiwork: fabrics, wool for felting, accessories for puppets, pendants, beads, seed beads, napkins for decoupage and many other things. Also you can buy ready-made puppets of masters from Togliatti and Samara. And here in “Wonderland” they have very interesting master clasess: felting, patchwork, jewelry making and much more.

Store Mindal

So, we take our pots and go to the “Wonderland”. There we find the owner (in secret I tell you her name – Tatyana Manycheva, and she is there on Tuesday)

Store Wonderland

And we show her our simple goods. If she likes it, you reach agreement on the price, fill out the papers… so it’s clear what to do next)

So our pots found a shelter

Pots in Wonderland

We put magnets there as well.

And some more picture from “Wonderland”

Website of the store: ctrana4udes.ru
Vkontakte: vk.com/club5182887
Photos from the exhibition in the art museum:

In this store I got a small trophy that I will need in my work with clay but I will tell you about it in next episodes))

And in conclusion since I am speaking about Wonderland, I would like to tell you about one wonderful book which one of the sellers had been reading. It is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Labirint.ruThis is a kind fairy tale by Lewis Carrol about Alice. But it is not just a book, it’s a whole interactive encyclopedia in which the times of Victorian England is depicted with amazing pictures, surprises, games…

I won’t tell you a long story here just visit the website Labyrinth, look at the pictures, read comments and you will see it in your own eyes.

We will continue speaking about books somehow. But this is it for now.

See you soon! May good success attend you in pottery!

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  1. Maybe it’s a bit unique, but according to the author, the buyers of these small pots could be doll artists. What is the reason behind this thought?

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