Hand-made pottery-wheel

Handmade potter's wheel from the washing machine

Finally the day has come for a pottery wheel which we will make with our own hands. And we will make it from an agitator washing machine. The name of it is “Washing machine”; it does not have any name or brand. It only says that it was made in China for a supermarket “Okay”. As a matter of fact I have bought it in that supermarket for 1200 rubles.
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Let’s create! Pottery. Game

Let’s create! Pottery - game for Android & iPad/iPhone

Well now, my dear apprentices, why are we still talking about magnets, and kilns. А как же гончарный круг? What about a pottery wheel? Indeed we do have lessons of pottery… Well, it’s time for us to think where to get a pottery wheel. Or maybe let’s make it with our own hands?..

And while we will think about this difficult question, we can practice and do a bit of pottery even without a real pottery wheel. Can it be possible? – you will ask. Yes, it’s possible! – I will tell you) But only under one condition: if you or your friends have a device with Android’, iOS’ or MacOS’. Continue reading Let’s create! Pottery. Game