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Author 22.02.2014

Homemade pottery wheel (Using Treadmill motor)

There is a wonderful Master Class on making homemade pottery wheel by VertDude. He made it by using the treadmill motor. 

You will need:

  1. Treadmill.
  2. V-belt pulley.
  3. 1/2″ V-belt 48″ long.
  4. Melomine plate.
  5. Plywood.
  6. Hub-assembly.
  7. Turned Main Shaft.
  8. Three 7/16″ bolts with nuts and washers.
  9. Masonite and Corian (solid surface counter top material).
  10. 5/16″ bolts and nuts.
  11. 6″ diameter steel circle.
  12. 1/2″ bolt with washer.
  13. Jackscrew Tensioner.
  14. Two 5/8″ nuts and washers.
  15. Two 14″ oil drain pans.

To view how VertDude was doing homemade potter’s wheel, please visit DIY site. Here we present a photos of his Master Class.

See you soon and success to you in pottery!

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