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Author 15.12.2012

So, we have the clay, now it’s time to make something. New Year is at hand, and so today we will make New Year cookies, but not from flour; we will make cookies from clay.

Clay cookies for New Year

Our neighbors Europeans have a wonderful tradition – to decorate the Christmas tree with decorated cookies. Apart from the fact that it is very delicious, it is very beautiful as well. They even have a fairytale about the man made from this kind of cookies – Gingerbread man.

So, let’s begin. Take a piece of clay well kneaded, place it on the cloth and roll it with a rolling pin. Roll the clay 4-5 mm thick.

Roll clay with a rolling pin

Now cut out cookies of different forms. Here you will need molds which you can make yourself from a can, or buy them in the store.

Making molds Making molds Molds for clay

With the help of a mold cut out cookies.

Cut out cookies

You can add an earlet on some cookies to run in a string. That’s how you can make it: take a small piece of clay, roll down a ball and glue it by using liquid clay slurry. Make a hole with a stick and then pierce through with a stab-awl or a knitting needle.

Put liquid clay Glue a ball Make a hole

When the cookies dry up a little, start decorating. For this we will need white clay (you can buy it in the pharmacy or a beauty shop. The color of such clay can become cream or grey after burning.

White clay

Mix clay with water thoroughly till it becomes like sour cream. Then take a ball syringe, fill it with clay, stick a piece of a ballpoint pen refill into it, and then squeeze clay out of the syringe, ornament the cookies. To have straight lines, without disruptions and thickening, first practice on a piece of cardboard or leftover pieces of clay.

Decorate cookies

When you finish decorating leave your cookies to dry for a day or two. And then burn them in the kiln.

Clay cookies for New Year

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