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A fridge magnet. Part one.

Керамический магнит на холодильник своими руками

At this lesson let’s make something that can bring us some money for our livelihood. Because we will still have to learn for a rather long time… The first thing that comes to my mind is to make souvenirs. And a fridge magnet is the easiest thing to do from clay. Of course besides clay […]

Clay cookies for New Year

Глиняное печенье

So, we have the clay, now it’s time to make something. New Year is at hand, and so today we will make New Year cookies, but not from flour; we will make cookies from clay. Our neighbors Europeans have a wonderful tradition – to decorate the Christmas tree with decorated cookies. Apart from the fact […]

Let’s go for clay

Глина в руках

Clay is such a thing you can find everywhere: in a borrow pit, in the woods, by the country house, near the building area. Usually it is under the layer of sand, and if somebody dig a hole (while building a house, for example), first they see the ground, then sand, and then clay.

How to make a homemade pottery kiln

Эскиз нашей будущей печки

The main question for a ceramist beginner is not “where to get clay”, as you can find it anywhere and not “how to make a pottery wheel using the washing machine”, as you can mold without the wheel. The main question is “where to fire?” To fire a ceramic article you will need a special […]