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Author 15.09.2012

Bank of Volga - Primorsky village

Clay is such a thing you can find everywhere: in a borrow pit, in the woods, by the country house, near the building area. Usually it is under the layer of sand, and if somebody dig a hole (while building a house, for example), first they see the ground, then sand, and then clay.

The easiest way to find clay is by water: by a lake or a river. That’s where we will go today…

There is a village Primorsky, not far from Togliatti; it is located on the bank of the river Volga. There we managed to find pieces of good red clay. They bloom out on the sand.

Clay in the sand

Cleanse clay from sand…

Cleanse clay from sand

Check how well it can be molded…

Clay in the hands

And fill in buckets with it. And then return home happy with the trophy.

Our crop

Now, you can make something.

And we were right here:

Map of clay deposit

P.S. If you know the place with good clay and you are kind to share it, write about it on our forum – there you will find the map of clay deposit. You can add your own spot there.

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